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Our Services

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We provide support and service for everything from company established and registration to obtaining of residence.

Real Estate Transactions in Japan

・When a foreigner residing in a foreign country buys real estate in Japan, affidavits on nationality, address, name, birth date, etc. (what the notary of the nationality country prove) is required.
・When a foreigner residing in a foreign country sells real estate in Japan, it is necessary to have a registered power of attorney that did the necessary processing for that case. For example, before signing a Notary of a national country, you designate a person as a power of attorney, It will be necessary to prove that the notary is sure to be the signature of the principal.
・When a foreigner residing in Japan buys and sells real estate in Japan, a resident card issued by the municipal mayor of the place of residence and a seal stamp certificate are necessary.

In addition to the above documents, it is necessary to prepare documents necessary for ordinary real estate transaction registration.

Company Incorporation

・In order to make a Japanese company with 100% foreign investment there are certain restrictions,and you need on sign certificate and investment proof.
・In order to hire foreigners, confirmation or acquisition of status of residence is required.

Required documents vary widely depending on the situation. Please contact us for details.